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Small Jib Hank


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Jib Hank With Stainless Steel Screw

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Small nylon jib hank. Includes stainless steel screw for attaching the hank to the sail. Jib hanks are an easy way to attach a sail to a forestay. They also allow the sail to be partially reefed if the lower section of the jib can be rolled and zipped away. Jib hanks are easy to use, just twist onto the forestay wire and hoist the sail.


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Small Jib Hank

Titleforestay mmmaximum luff wire mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A.244Large Jib Hank563.75£0.79
A.344Small Jib Hank332.66£0.78
A144Medium Jib Hank452.66£0.60