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Batten Pocket Protector Brass Screws


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Batten Pocket Protector Brass Screws

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Batten Pocket Protector Brass Screws


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Batten Pocket Protector Brass Screws

Titlelength overall mmthickness overall mmto suit batten diameter mmto suit batten thickness mmto suit batten width mmweight gwidth overall mmPrice ex VAT
A..51Batten Pocket Protector With SS Screws4610-527720£1.10
A.101Batten Compression Adjuster7120-914828£2.11
A.102Stainless Steel Batten Pocket Connector66--10-4718£18.53
A.151Batten Pocket Protector With Brass Screws479-434310£1.33
A.251Batten Pocket Protector With Brass Screws8513-7601315£1.90
A.351Batten Pocket Protector Brass Screws6410-5401130£2.70
A.419LBatten Pocket Protector - Long913222105314278£17.83
A.419SBaton Pocket Protector - Short7025156428063£17.83
A.451Batten Pocket Protector With Brass Screws4316-6251334£2.96
A.651Batten End Cap3310-614.52028£0.83
A.751Batten End Cap2010-720632£0.67
A.851Batten Pocket Protector With SS Screws6410-5231535£3.35
A.951-10Inboard Batten Adjuster6217-4103335£14.62