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External Seal Hatch Cover – Large


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241mm Hatch Cover.


This is an externally sealed hatch cover.


The gasket (body) is fixed to the hull of the boat and the A.638 O ring is placed around the gasket, under the small lip. The hatch cover lid is then screwed tight onto the gasket and forms a seal with the O ring around the external diameter of the hatch.


Available in three colours.


For additional storage space, this hatch can be paired with our hatch cover bag – A-BAG-KIT


This hatch cover requires O ring A.638 to be installed for complete water tightness.


PLEASE NOTE – A.638 is not included.


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External Seal Hatch Cover - Large

Titlecut out size mmfixing hole diameter mmo ring requiredopening sizeweight gPrice ex VAT
A-BAG-KITHatch Cover Bag With Fixing Screw----17£14.80
A.337-External Seal Hatch Cover - Small1103A.33810062£5.65
A.338Rubber Sealing O Ring For A.337----4£2.94
A.537-External Seal Hatch Cover - Medium1573A.538145111£9.24
A.538Rubber Sealing O Ring For A.537----4£3.88
A.637-External Seal Hatch Cover - Large2413A.638223266£24.82
A.638Rubber Sealing O Ring For A.637----5£5.44
A1737-Internal Seal Hatch Cover - Small1084-10084£9.46
A1837-Internal Seal Hatch Cover - Medium1384-130117£14.51
A1937-Internal Seal Hatch Cover - Large1544-148142£16.95
SA.737Rubber Sealing O Ring For A1737-----£1.03
SA.837Rubber Sealing O Ring For A1837 & A1937-----£1.15