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Ball Bearing Cam Cleat – Small


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Ball Bearing Cam Cleat – Small

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Small Ball Bearing Cam Cleat – The jaw profile is optimised for rope entry and exit reducing wear on rope. Ball bearings and double coil springs gives a super smooth cam action, allowing for a consistent feel every time the rope is cleated.

Features die-cast aluminium jaws and base, which results in a higher working load and a more durable finish when compared to the Allenite version.

The aluminium cam cleat also features two rows of ball bearings, giving the jaws a super smooth rotation when opening and closing, resulting in an easier to use cam cleat.

These design features make the aluminium cam cleat perfect for applications which may have a fast-running control line, such as a spinnaker halyard, mainsheet or jib sheet.

Ideal for dinghies but can also be used in lower loading applications on yachts and keelboats.

1 review for Ball Bearing Cam Cleat – Small

  1. rinoke1852

    Good quality cleat. Opens and shuts really nice. Used for my finn control lines.

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Ball Bearing Cam Cleat - Small

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