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Nylon Thimble For 2mm Rope


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Nylon Thimble For 2mm Rope

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Nylon Thimble For 2mm Rope


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Nylon Thimble For 2mm Rope

Descriptiona mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmh mmj mml mmRRP
A.802Nylon Thimble For 2mm Rope127.£0.60
A.803Nylon Thimble For 3mm Rope1810.97.315.£0.60
A.804Nylon Thimble For 4mm Rope2414.59.817.£0.70
A.805Nylon Thimble For 5mm Rope3018.£0.70
A.806Nylon Thimble For 6mm Rope3621.814.626.£0.70
A.808Nylon Thimble For 8mm Rope4829.019.535.07.511.£0.82
A.810Nylon Thimble For 10mm Rope6036.324.443.89.414.410.05.61.9£0.92
A.812Nylon Thimble For 12mm Rope7243.529.352.511.317.311.26.82.3£0.98
A.814Nylon Thimble For 14mm Rope8450.834.161.313.£1.70
A.818Nylon Thimble For 18mm Rope10865.343.978.816.925.917.210.13.4£3.18
A6010Stainless Steel Thimble For 2m...-179---3-1.0£0.44
A6011Stainless Steel Thimble For 3m...-1810---4-1.0£0.52
A6012Stainless Steel Thimble For 4m...-2011---5-1.2£0.82
A6013Stainless Steel Thimble For 5m...-2113---6-1.2£0.86
A6014Stainless Steel Thimble For 6m...-2715---7-1.5£1.18