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Pro-Lead Wedge


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Pro-Lead Wedge Medium

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Pro-Lead Wedge – Tilt or raise the cam cleat to suit the lead of the rope or make cleating or un-cleating easier. Cam cleats should where possible have rope lead into them on a central or negative angle (below the mounting point).


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Pro-Lead Wedge

Titlefixing hole centres mmuse withweight gPrice ex VAT
A.193Cleat Lifter 15mm High28A.677/A..7711£1.17
A.194Cleat Lifter 8mm 28A.677 / A..776£0.93
A.293Cleat Lifter 22mm High38A.676/A..7621£1.70
A.294Cleat Lifter 10mm High38A.676/A..7613£1.17
A.396Pro-Lead Medium 38A.676/A..7635£5.33
A.397Pro-Lead Small 28A.677/A..7735£4.43
A.488Fairlead Small28A.677/A..772£4.18
A.493-993Wedge Kit28A.677/A..777£2.26
A.496Mega Pro-Lead Medium 38A.676/A..7640£12.44
A.497Mega Pro-Lead Small 28A.677/A..7740£11.84
A.588 Fairlead Medium38A.676/A..765£4.25
A.593-893Wedge Kit38A.676/A..7612£2.30
A.597Roller Fairlead38A..7697£73.76
A.793Cam Cleat Wedge26A44763£0.70
A.893Cam Cleat Wedge38A.676 / A..764£1.12
A.993Cam Cleat Wedge28A.677 / A..77291£0.87
A1396Pro-Lead Wedge38A.676/A..7695£0.87
A1397Pro-Lead Wedge28A.677/A..7795£1.12
A4665Stainless Steel Wire Under Fairlead Small-A.677/A..776£2.85
A4665-LOWStainless Steel Wire Under Fairlead Small And Low-A.677/A..77-£2.85
A4675Stainless Steel Wire Under Fairlead Medium-A.676/A..7612£4.60
A4761Through Deck Fairlead Medium 38A.676/A..7649£11.89
A4771Through Deck Fairlead Small 28A.677/A..7722£7.93