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Single Tii-On


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Single Tii-On

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40mm Single Tii-On Block.

The 40mm single tii-on block is our go-to dinghy mainsheet block. Also ideal for dinghy jib and spinnaker sheeting systems as well as keelboat control lines.

Our Tii-On blocks feature a stainless-steel loop at the head of the block. This gives our Tii-On range maximum strength and reliability with minimal cheek separation when tied on and loaded up with a soft shackle. The stainless-steel head loop also ensures the block stays in the right orientation when being used.


When attaching a Tii-on block you must feed the rope around the central axle and through the head of the block. Tii-On blocks rely on the correct attachment method to give them maximum strength.


Available with or without a soft shackle.


Becket – The large central rivet not only reduces the overall weight but also offers a rope friendly attachment, perfect as a tie-off point when being used in a cascade system.

Bearings – Dynamic Blocks feature our patented bearing system which uses twin rows of stainless-steel ball bearings running on a stainless-steel rail. This provides a superior load-carrying ability and longevity when compared to other bearing systems which run on a plastic rail. 

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  1. boyodam599

    Robust and well designed

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Single Tii-On

SKUTitlebreaking load kgfixing hole centres mmlength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgshackle pin mmWeight gPrice
A20401Single With Swivel Head780-83.3810240454£42.43
A20401-77Single With A..77 Cleat750-83.386804120£101.75
A20401BSingle With Becket780-99.8810240458£44.74
A20401B-77Single With Becket And A..77 Cleat780-99.886804123£104.05
A20401BFSingle With Becket And Fiddle780-126.8810240473£63.43
A20401BF-77Single With Becket, Fiddle And A..77 Cleat780-126.886804139£121.08
A20401BFHSingle With Becket, Fiddle And Hook540-1536240492£69.19
A20401BFH-77Single With Becket, Fiddle, Hook And A..77 Cleat540-1536804171£126.84
A20401CSingle Cheek78035.56210240-34£39.29
A20401CBSingle Cheek With Becket78062.5 X 14.67310240-42£41.59
A20401CHLHigh Load Single Cheek78035.5062.0010360-55£60.17
A20401FSingle With Fiddle780-108.3810240468£56.33
A20401F-77Single With Fiddle And A..77 Cleat780-108.386804134£115.58
A20401FHSingle With Fiddle And Hook540-1346240487£62.09
A20401FH-77Single With Fiddle, Hook And A..77 Cleat540-1346804153£121.36
A20401HSingle With Hook540-10910250-73£48.18
A20401HLHigh Load Single780-83.3810360475£65.41
A20401SSingle With Ultra-Strap700-64.5010240-40£37.28
A20401S-203040 & 30mm Linked Singles780-1088140-65£56.06
A20401SLZSingle Stand Up70036.257410240-47£42.97
A20401SRSingle With Removable Ultra-Strap700-6410240-42£41.50
A20401SRHLHigh Load Single With Removable Strap700-64.5010360-63£62.39
A20402BDouble With Becket1150-110.05105005113£87.18
A20403-77Triple With A..77 Cleat1400-93.3567505239£200.57
A20403BTriple With Becket1400-110.05107505165£129.53
A20403B-77Triple With Becket And A..77 Cleat1400-110.5067505242£202.80
A2040Tii-Single Tii-On800-5810180-34.5£37.28
A2040TiiHLSingle Tii-On High Load800-5810360-40£60.23
A2040XHLExtreme High Load1500-548650-71£178.38
ATii-LOCK-40Tii-Lock-40 ------2£4.14