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Reinforced Shroud Plate Pair


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Shroud Plate Pair

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Reinforced Shroud Plate Pair


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Reinforced Shroud Plate Pair

Titlefixing hole centres mmlength mmslot / tenon mmthickness mmweight gwidth mmPrice ex VAT
A4001-EPSEPS Bow Tang 2450-23163£18.03
A4001EBow Plate36105-1.77917£19.80
A4001SBow Plate 36158-1.73220£24.33
A4001WBow Plate Wayfarer 3635-1.75420£16.03
A4025Shroud Plate Pair57194-23716£10.64
A4025SReinforced Shroud Plate Pair57194-25016£16.48
A4171Shroud Plate Cover Small Slot Pair476416 x 221216£6.03
A4171SShroud Plate Cover large Slot Pair476416 x 421216£6.03
A4225Bow Plate -94-1.710387£25.74
A5850Laser Deck Plate 2551-2226£11.77