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De-Raker Plate


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De-Raker Plate

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De-Raker Plate. To be used with a vernier adjuster and fast pins to allow for quick rig setting adjustments whilst on the water.


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De-Raker Plate

Titleadjustment range mmincrements mminternal width mmpin diameter mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A4024Channel Stay Adjuster87913559£17.78
A4172Stay Adjuster5298546£8.06
A4272Vernier Adjuster6439541£9.91
A4272-148Vernier Adjuster With Lacing Hook 6439546£10.52
A4272SShort Verier Adjuster 3249525£10.21
A4372Stay Adjuster6098523£3.55
A4472Stay Adjuster6998539£6.16
A4572Stay Adjuster761310686£12.25
A4772Heavy Duty Vernier Adjuster8449.5571£16.80
A4772DRDe-Raker Plate 43---31£15.28
A4772DR-KITHeavy Duty Vernier Adjuster With De Raker Plate84 + 43dr49.5578£78.72
A4772HTHT Vernier Adjuster80510664£27.37
A4772SShort Heavy Duty Vernier Adjuster 3249.5541£16.32
A4772S-6Short Heavy Duty Vernier Adjuster 32410.5640£16.32
A4772SDR-KITShort Heavy Duty Vernier Adjuster With De Raker32 + 43dr49.5540£59.97
A4872Stay Adjuster761396100£22.36
A4972Open Front Vernier Adjuster6448538£9.94