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Keelboat Jib Sheet Fairlead


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Keelboat Jib Sheet Fairlead

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Keelboat Jib Sheet Fairlead. Allen Keelboat Fairleads have been designed for use on boats up to 40ft/12m where a shallow angle deflection is required for any control line or sheet. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of applications. Manufactured from high marine grade 7075 aluminium for extra strength and corrosion resistance. Hard anodised in black with a pad printed Allen logo. Installation of the keelboat fairlead range is simple and can be done by following these steps. 1. Check the fixing hole centre dimensions and mark them onto the deck of your boat in the position you want the fairlead to be mounted. 2. Using the correct size drill bit for your fairlead (details of fixing holes sizes in product drawings) drill the required 2 or 3 fixing holes into your deck. Slightly bevel the holes to allow sealant to form a good sealing ring. 3. Using marine grade sealant, apply a generous circle around the bottom of the fairlead and in the fixing holes. 4. Insert the bolts (not included) into the holes from below the deck. It is recommended to use washers to help spread the load. 5. Using the correct tool, tighten the bolts. Tips – Use tape to hold bolts in place under the deck. Use hex head bolts made from 316 stainless steel. Use large washers to help spread the load.


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Keelboat Jib Sheet Fairlead

Titlecolourfixing hole centres mmfixing hole size mminside diameter mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A..52Bullseye FairleadBlack 15473£0.65
A.134Acetal Fairlead (Laser® Bow)Black 5053029£4.15
A.134RB-CANAcetal Fairlead (Laser® Bow) Blue 5053029£4.15
A.152Bullseye FairleadBlack 255148£1.50
A.153Low Profile FairleadBlack 20373£0.65
A.182Open Base FairleadBlack 23476£0.95
A.252Bullseye FairleadBlack 3451928£5.01
A.282Open Base FairleadBlack 23596£1.32
A.282AOpen Base Fairlead Aluminium Grey 235913 £4.00
A.282RB-CAN Open Base FairleadBlue 23496£0.90
A.382Open Base FairleadBlack 254139£1.50
A.452Bullseye FairleadBlack 184114£1.08
A4052Bullseye Fairlead With Stainless Steel InnerGrey 15464£3.25
A4152Bullseye Fairlead With Stainless Steel InnerGrey2551312£5.04
A4153Low Profile Fairlead With Stainless Steel Inner Black 20364£3.25
A4182Open Base Fairlead With Stainless Steel Inner Black 25465£2.43
A4252Bullseye Fairlead With Stainless Steel InnerGrey 3452032£9.12
A4282Open Base Fairlead With Stainless Steel Inner Black 24588£2.71
A4382Open Base Fairlead With Stainless Steel Inner Black 2741011£2.96
A4452Bullseye Fairlead With Stainless Steel InnerGrey 184106£4.23
A5052-10Keelboat FairleadBlack 641060 X 30189£46.25
A5052-12Keelboat FairleadBlack 76.81272 X 36307£57.69
A5052-4Keelboat FairleadBlack 25.6424 X 1214£15.85
A5052-6Keelboat FairleadBlack 38.4636 X 1839£21.76
A5052-8Keelboat FairleadBlack 51.2848 X 24 104£31.15
A5053-4Keelboat Jib Sheet FairleadBlack 27.24Oblong Hole - 12 X 24 - Round Hole - 1223£16.57
A5053-6Keelboat Jib Sheet FairleadBlack 40.86Oblong Hole - 36 X 18 - Round Hole - 1864£25.29
A5053-8Keelboat Jib Sheet FairleadBlack 54.48Oblong Hole - 48 X 24 - Round Hole - 24170£34.08
A5054-10Keelboat Sheet DeflectorBlack 37.51016.755£37.68
A5054-12Keelboat Sheet DeflectorBlack 35122082£31.45
A5054-16Keelboat Sheet DeflectorBlack 601626.7206£47.00
A5054-6Keelboat Sheet DeflectorBlack 22.561014£18.12
A5054-8Keelboat Sheet DeflectorBlack 30813.331£17.73