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One Piece Pintle & Gudeon For A7000


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One Piece Pintle & Gudeon For A7000

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One Piece Pintle & Gudeon For A7000


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One Piece Pintle & Gudeon For A7000

Titlefixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmhole or pin diameter mmoverall width mmpin length mmtransom to pin centre mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A.420Transom Gudgeon11058131-3942£3.72
A.485Laser/ ILCA Gudgeon110610131-3634.9£3.72
A.519Transom Pintle50 x 2557.870451989£17.85
A.519-10Transom Pintle50 x 2551070571695£18.26
A.520Transom Gudgeon505870-1928£7.93
A.520-10Transom Gudgeon 5051070-1627£7.93
A.619Pintle Packing Spacer50--71--6£3.83
A4019Transom Pintle60 x 3247.880571867£9.73
A4019STransom Pintle58 x 38 x 1647.8765717112£31.84
A4020Transom Gudgeon515870-1822£5.40
A4020STransom Gudgeon58.75876-1741£15.73
A4022Large Transom Gudgeon-68120-43102£20.14
A4120Transom Gudgeon425876-1817£5.44
A4317Transom Pintle22 x 2547.832371840£24.40
A4420Optimist Transom Gudgeon3046.344--24£13.99
A7001One Piece Pintle & Gudeon For A7000176 x 5457.5969-18100£106.76