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Pivoting Mast Heel


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Pivoting Mast Heel For Use With Paragon Mast Profile

The pivoting mast heel is designed for dinghies or small keelboats that have easily adjustable rigging whilst sailing. By allowing the mast heel to pivot it reduces loading points in the deck of the boat and spreads the forces more evenly. Having a pivoting mast heel also allows for a consistent mast bend profile resulting in more accurate rig setup. The A9151 is designed for use with the Paragon carbon mast. Made from Acetal.

Needs to be paired with A9100 – Pivoting Mast Step.


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A9151 Details


Pivoting Mast Heel

Titlefixing hole centres mmlength mmslot / tenon mmthickness mmweight gwidth mmPrice ex VAT
A.480Optimist Deck Ring 5485-321.575£17.76
A.490Optimist Mast Collar ---3845£8.89
A4107Mast Gate Bar114138-24522£10.97
A4107SMast Gate Bar89112-23722£10.97
A4124Adjustable Mast Step1291501929423£18.42
A9100Pivoting Mast Step 7390--17345£91.41
A9150Pivoting Mast Heel-77--2137£48.22
A9151Pivoting Mast Heel-77--2141£48.22
A9152Pivoting Mast Heel-78--2146£48.22
A9153Pivoting Mast Heel Adapter -32--8760£67.69