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Plain Bearing Tii-On


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Plain Bearing Tii-On


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Plain Bearing Tii-On

Titlebreaking load kglength mmmaximum line diameter mmweight gRRP
A2020PPlain Bearing Single 54037610£5.89
A2020P-4035Plain Bearing Single With P-Clip54062.4613.9£9.37
A2020P-4036Plain Bearing Single With Lacing Eye54052613.9£10.49
A2020PLZPlain Bearing Stand Up Block54043614.3£13.01
A2020PSCPlain Bearing Block With Swivel35053618£19.78
A2020PSHKPlain Bearing Single With Swivel Hook35057.7617.9£19.20
A2020PTIIPlain Bearing Tii-On5402967£5.89
A2021PPlain Bearing Multi-Function Single35035610.4£7.18
A2021PHKPlain Bearing Single Block With Hook16565.5616.4£12.01
A2022PPlain Bearing Double Block50047.6629.4£19.84
A2023PPlain Bearing Double Block With Becket50025631.2£20.90
A2024PPlain Bearing Triple Block65050.1644.6£28.79
A2025PPlain Bearing Triple Block With Becket 65066649.6£31.87
A2026PPlain Bearing Cheek Block35045614.2£11.63
A2121PPlain Bearing Through Deck Single 40054610.8£16.79