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RS Tera Racing Outhaul Pack


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The Allen RS Tera racing outhaul pack comes with everything you need to give the best racing outhaul upgrade for your Tera. The pack includes a block spliced onto the primary line as well as a soft shackle to make installation easy. You are required to tie two knots for this set up on the end of the boom. The pack also includes a clew tie down which utilises an Allen dog bone for ease of use. Includes elastic take up line with snap shackle. This pack works best with the Allen RS Tera racing vang pack as it allows for better installation of the outhaul control line. The pack uses Marlow rope and Allen dynamic blocks. Click the PDF above for installation guide.

1 review for RS Tera Racing Outhaul Pack

  1. dylan.collingbourne

    The Race outhaul system is clean and crisp and looks very smart. Outhaul systems can be confusing to make at home but this is easy to put on your boat following the video. Allows great purchase to adjust the depth of the sail.

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RS Tera Racing Outhaul Pack

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