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Adaptor For A..94


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Adaptor For A..94

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Adaptor For A..94


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Adaptor For A..94

Titlebreaking load kgfixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmmaximum working load kgsheave diameter mmsheave materialsheave width mmslot size mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A...4Aluminium Sheave Box - Plain Bearing 100065450026Acetal 843 x 1726£8.86
A...5Aluminium Sheave Box - Plain Bearing40070425036Acetal 650 x 1433£8.86
A...6Aluminium Sheave Box - Plain Bearing 80065440038Acetal 852 x 1534£9.34
A...6BAluminium Sheave Box - Ball Bearing 75065430038Stainless Steel852 x 1579£34.35
A...6HAluminium Sheave Box - Plain Bearing 80065440038Alloy 852 x 1548£13.50
A...7Aluminium Double Sheave Box - Plain Bearing50065425026Acetal 842 x 27 48£13.24
A...8Nylon Sheave Box - Plain Bearing70080430038Acetal 1270 x 2241£7.34
A...8ANylon Sheave Box - Plain Bearing70080435038Alloy 1270 x 2265£15.18
A...9Aluminium Sheave Box - Plain Bearing 67257433625Acetal844 x 1321£7.33
A...9BAluminium Sheave Box - Ball Bearing 75057430025Stainless Steel844 x 1338£21.36
A...9HAluminium Sheave Box - Plain Bearing 67057430025Alloy 844 x 1331£12.57
A..15Low Profile Aluminium Sheave Box - Plain Bearing 750-430025Acetal 638 x 1012£10.32
A..15BLow Profile Aluminium Sheave Box - Ball Bearing 750-430025Stainless Steel638 x 1024£29.24
A..16Low Profile Aluminium Sheave Box - Plain Bearing 900-540038Acetal 658 X 1336£15.17
A..16BLow Profile Aluminium Sheave Box - Ball Bearing 900-545038Stainless Steel658 x 1368£40.14
A..28Aluminium Sheave Box - Plain Bearing70087635038Acetal 1270 x 22100£26.31
A..94Nylon Mast Head Sheave Box - Plain Bearing--To Fit 20mm Tube -36Acetal 6-40£27.01
A4409Stainless Steel Sheave Box - Plain Bearing60090630038Stainless Steel1277 x 19 98£25.21
SA..94Adaptor For A..94 --To Fit 35mm Tube -----18£10.06