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Self Aligning Mainsheet Jammer


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Standard mainsheet jammer systems usually have the block centrally located above the swivel meaning there is no turning force to swivel the block and jammer to the correct angle. By moving the block outward from the swivel and angling it away from the cleat, the A5266 mainsheet system creates turning force on the block and jammer meaning the cleat will always be forced to point away from the boom and towards the helm. This prevents the sheet from wrapping round the block and gives extra control for fast, smooth tacks and gybes. Standard height mainsheet jammer available with or without 60mm Pro-Ratchet Block. The arm can be set to rotate in 180, 220 or 360 degrees by adjusting the stopper pins on the underside of the arm. The arm swivel features two rows of ball bearings to ensure a super smooth rotation of the jammer arm. Includes A..76-496 aluminium cam cleat with mega pro-lead.


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Self Aligning Mainsheet Jammer

Titlecomes withfixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmmaximum working load mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A5166COMPACTCompact Mainsheet JammerA2160, A..76-49619.5 x 19.55600342£133.22
A5166DUAL-ARMStandard Height Dual Arm Mainsheet JammerA..76-496, A..77-49719.5 x 19.55600513£247.46
A5166DUAL-ARM-COMPACTCompact Dual Arm Mainsheet JammerA2160, A..76-496, A..77-49719.5 x 19.55600504£247.46
A5166STANDARDStandard Height Mainsheet JammerA..76-49619.5 x 19.55600368£135.81
A5266COMPACTCompact Self Aligning Mainsheet JammerA..76-49619.5 x 19.55600369£143.78
A5266STANDARDSelf Aligning Mainsheet JammerA..76-49619.5 x 19.55600406£146.38