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Single Fork Head With Kicker Key


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Single Fork Head With Kicker Key

The A2030F-873 features an adapted side strap for a clevis pin attachment. This block also comes with a strengthened vang key. 30mm Dynamic Blocks use the same high quality Dynamic bearing, materials and precision engineering as our 20mm Dynamic Block range.


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Single Fork Head With Kicker Key

Titlebreaking load kgfixing hole centres mmlength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgshackle pin mmweight gRRP
A2030-40Linked 30 & 40 Blocks750-1108 - 10140-63£47.95
A2030FSingle Fork Head With Removable Pin 450-568140531£17.16
A2030F-873Single Fork Head With Kicker Key 450-778140540£23.05
A2030HLSingle High Load - Stainless Steel Sheave800-498300-39£30.43
A2030HLFSingle Fork Head With High Load Sheave450-568300543£34.62
A2030LZSingle Stand-Up Fixed50034598140-30.2£19.76
A2030SC30mm Block w/Swivel450-668140436£32.81
A2030SHKSingle With Swivel Hook450-708140-35£32.12
A2030Tii-SHACKLESingle Tii-On750-428140-24£23.32
A2030TiiHL-SHACKLESingle Tii-On With High Load Sheave 800-418300-37£41.68
A2030XHL30mm Extreme High Load Block1250-438500-41£118.56
A2031Single Multi Function500-478140428£11.75
A2031FSingle With Fork450-598140436£17.16
A2031SCSinge With Swivel Fork400-638140437£24.88
A2031XHL-873-30mm Extreme High Load Block With SA.8731000-578450-55£124.44
A2032HLDouble High Load1250-638450-87£70.64
A2032Tii-SHACKLEDouble Tii-on Block1250-428280-48£47.03
A2033Double With Becket1250-768280-77£32.03
A2034-676Triple With Inverted Cleat1750-658490-49£91.99
A2034HLTriple High Load1750-638650-132£99.14
A2035Triple With Becket1750-838420-114£54.68
A2035-676Triple With Becket And Inverted Cleat1750-838490-146£99.88
A2036Single Cheek Block500-598140435£18.80
A2036-PROFIXCheek Adaptor For A2031----3.8-6£10.09
A2036MSingle Composite Cheek40030508140-24£13.33
A2037Triple With Cleat & Becket1750-838490-146£99.88
A2038Back To Back750-788140-49£39.52
A2038HLHigh Load Back To Back750-788600-76£74.48
A2039Linked Singles750-948140-52£27.47
A2039-CAMSingle With Fiddle And Cleat 600-888140486.2£84.70
A2039FIDDLESingle With Fiddle600-858140447£67.31
A2131Single Through Deck50060478140-25.6£26.32
A2132Double Through Deck 50090778140-45£26.53
A2136MDouble Composite Cheek40030508280-36.6£29.33
A4101Upstand Block85025458140-57£29.50
A4111Double Upstand Block85047 x 25458140-46£52.34
A4801Through Deck Block70025458140-39£22.81
A4978Flip Flop700-638140-58£30.26