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Acetal Fairlead (Laser® Bow)


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Acetal Fairlead (Laser® Bow)

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Acetal fairlead for the Laser® bow.


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Acetal Fairlead (Laser® Bow)

Titlecolourfixing hole centres mmfixing hole size mminside diameter mmweight gRRP
A..52Bullseye FairleadBlack 15473£0.76
A.134Acetal Fairlead (Laser® Bow)Black 5053029£4.90
A.134RB-CANAcetal Fairlead (Laser® Bow) Blue 5053029£4.90
A.152Bullseye FairleadBlack 255148£1.78
A.153Low Profile FairleadBlack 20373£0.76
A.182Open Base FairleadBlack 23476£1.12
A.252Bullseye FairleadBlack 3451928£5.94
A.282Open Base FairleadBlack 23596£1.56
A.282AOpen Base Fairlead Aluminium Grey 235913 £4.72
A.282RB-CAN Open Base FairleadBlue 23496£1.22
A.382Open Base FairleadBlack 254139£1.78
A.452Bullseye FairleadBlack 184114£1.28
A4052Bullseye Fairlead With Stainless Steel InnerGrey 15464£3.84
A4152Bullseye Fairlead With Stainless Steel InnerGrey2551312£5.98
A4153Low Profile Fairlead With Stainless Steel Inner Black 20364£3.84
A4182Open Base Fairlead With Stainless Steel Inner Black 25465£2.88
A4252Bullseye Fairlead With Stainless Steel InnerGrey 3452032£10.79
A4282Open Base Fairlead With Stainless Steel Inner Black 24588£3.22
A4382Open Base Fairlead With Stainless Steel Inner Black 2741011£3.49
A4452Bullseye Fairlead With Stainless Steel InnerGrey 184106£4.99
A5052-10Keelboat FairleadBlack 641060 X 30189£54.68
A5052-12Keelboat FairleadBlack 76.81272 X 36307£68.21
A5052-4Keelboat FairleadBlack 25.6424 X 1214£18.74
A5052-6Keelboat FairleadBlack 38.4636 X 1839£25.74
A5052-8Keelboat FairleadBlack 51.2848 X 24 104£36.83
A5053-4Keelboat Jib Sheet FairleadBlack 27.24Oblong Hole - 12 X 24 - Round Hole - 1223£19.58
A5053-6Keelboat Jib Sheet FairleadBlack 40.86Oblong Hole - 36 X 18 - Round Hole - 1864£29.92
A5053-8Keelboat Jib Sheet FairleadBlack 54.48Oblong Hole - 48 X 24 - Round Hole - 24170£40.30
A5054-10Keelboat Sheet DeflectorBlack 37.51016.755£44.56
A5054-12Keelboat Sheet DeflectorBlack 35122082£37.19
A5054-16Keelboat Sheet DeflectorBlack 601626.7206£55.56
A5054-6Keelboat Sheet DeflectorBlack 22.561014£21.42
A5054-8Keelboat Sheet DeflectorBlack 30813.331£20.96