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157mm Hatch Cover


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O Ring Seal Hatch Cover

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157mm Hatch Cover. This hatch cover requires O ring A.538 to be installed for complete water tightness. The O ring is installed around the outside of the gasket part which is fixed to the hull, the lid is then screwed tight and forms a seal around the outside. PLEASE NOTE – A.538 is not included.


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157mm Hatch Cover

Titlecut out size mmfixing hole diameter mmo ring requiredopening sizeweight gPrice ex VAT
A-BAG-KITHatch Cover Bag With Fixing Screw----17£13.64
A.337110mm Hatch Cover1103A.33810062£5.21
A.337-BAG110mm Hatch Cover With Bag And O Ring1103A.33810062£10.95
A.338Rubber Sealing O Ring For A.337/A.337W----4£2.71
A.537157mm Hatch Cover1573A.538145111£8.52
A.537-BAG157mm Hatch Cover With Bag And O Ring1573A.538145111£21.65
A.538Rubber Sealing O Ring For A.537/A.537W----4£3.58
A.637241mm Hatch Cover2413A.638223266£22.88
A.638Rubber Sealing O Ring For A.637/A.637W----1200£5.01
A1737Integral Seal Rigid Hatch Cover1084-10084£8.72
A1837Integral Seal Rigid Hatch Cover1384-130117£13.37
A1937Integral Seal Rigid Hatch Cover1544-148142£15.62
SA.737Rubber Sealing O Ring For A1737-----£1.03
SA.837Rubber Sealing O Ring For A1837 & A1937-----£1.15