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Alloy Track For 29er



Alloy Track For 29er

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Alloy Track For 29er. Alloy track designed for use with our range of traveller cars. Available in anodised black or silver with pre-drilled fixing holes. Also available un-anodised and with no fixing holes. We recommend getting in touch with our sales team to find out more information. Email: sales@allenbrothers.co.uk Phone: +44 (0) 1621 774689


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Alloy Track For 29er

SKUTitlecolourend stop requiredfixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmlength mmWeight gPrice
A.226-1Alloy Track Un-Anodised SilverA.136UndrilledUndrilled 3660-£57.14
A.226-1000Alloy Track AnodisedSilverA.1367641000-£33.23
A.226-2Alloy Track AnodisedSilver A.136Undrilled43660-£86.98
A.226-222BlackAlloy Track AnodisedBlackA.136764222-£27.26
A.226-230Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.136764230-£27.36
A.226-330Alloy Track AnodisedSilverA.136764330-£41.39
A.226-5Alloy Track AnodisedSilverA.136764565-£36.42
A.326-1Alloy Track Un-AnodisedSIlverA.736UndrilledUndrilled 3660-£59.06
A.326-2Alloy Track AnodisedSilver A.736UndrilledUndrilled3660-£59.06
A.726-4Alloy Track AnodisedSilverA.7367551043-£61.19
A.816-0.9Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.916754900-£54.25
A.816-1500Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.9167541500-£95.84
A.816-29erAlloy Track For 29er BlackA.916754775-£67.13
A.816-3.0Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.9167543000-£132.73
A.819-0.9Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.9461005900-£56.57
A.819-3.0Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.94610053000-£139.85
A.826-2Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.536 / A.93610053660-£143.18
A.826-3Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.536 / A.936UndrilledUndrilled3660-£167.03
A.826-5Alloy Track Anodised BlackBlackA.536 / A.9361005900-£75.23
A.826B-1.5Alloy Beam Track AnodisedBlackA.937 / A.946UndrilledUndrilled 1.5-£107.40
A.826B-30Alloy Beam Track AnodisedBlackA.937 / A.946UndrilledUndrilled 3000-£165.71