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Aluminium Thimble


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Aluminium Thimble

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Also known as low friction rings, lowering rings, lead rings, hard eyes and thimbles.

High Load Thimbles are a great alternative to blocks when there is a need for high static-load capabilities.

Our high load thimbles come coated in Teflon to help reduce friction.

CNC machined from aluminium and anodised in a choice of 6 colours: black, blue, silver, purple, gold and orange. 

Find out how to use a High Load Thimble.

Also ideal for:

  • Arboriculture
  • Theatre scenery movement
  • Kite surfing
  • Paragliding

1 review for Aluminium Thimble

  1. chris.zeiser

    Strong and light – Allen Alu thimbles are best-in-class regarding strength-to-weight ratio. And the colorful variants make your boat look highly professional. Versatile use for control lines, purchases, lifeline systems and even running and standing rigging. Every season I’m discovering new ways to apply those little helpers to my boats!

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Aluminium Thimble

SKUTitledepth mminside diameter mmmaximum working load kgoutside diameter mmWeight gPrice
A..82-10Stainless Steel Thimble69250151£5.06
A..82-14Stainless Steel Thimble814.2300211.5£5.54
A..82-8Stainless Steel Thimble58.115013.10.5£4.98
A..87-15-Aluminium Thimble66300151£9.37
A..87-20-Aluminium Thimble88400202£10.69
A..87-25-Aluminium Thimble1010800255£11.51
A..87-30-Aluminium Thimble12121000307£12.96
A..87-35-Aluminium Thimble141415003511£13.34
A..87-50-Aluminium Thimble 212020005040£24.26
A..87-75-Aluminium Thimble3128250075154£50.75
A..87-90-BLKAluminium Thimble3928300090289£58.64