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Internal Sail Slide


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Internal Sail Slide

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Internal Sail Slide


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Internal Sail Slide

Titlebreaking load kgmaximum working load kgweight gx mmy1 mmy2 mmz1 mmz2 mmRRP
A..89Internal Sail Slide250100432214157£0.62
A..90Internal Sail Slide275100535234189£0.82
A..91Internal Sail Slide500150839255218£1.20
A..92Internal Sail Slide300150134527.652.8417.94.23£1.66
A..95Internal Sail Slide400250124526.£1.68
A..96Internal Sail Slide500300144528.43.7721.84.23£1.70
A.158Sail Slug1005022229983£0.48
A.258Sail Slug200505504011143£1.78
A.289External Sail Slide7540423202186£1.66
A.358Sail Slug120503223012123£1.32
A.389External Sail Slide12050528203236£1.78
A.458Internal Sail Slide25010053029413.83£0.66
A.558Internal Sail Slide1505022522310.54£0.66
A.558DWInternal Sail Slide14030241213105£0.92
A.658Internal Sail Slide3501501039344.2173.8£1.32
A.758Sail Slug500250144535.154.2311.605.75£1.60
A.958Sail Slug400250124532.454.238.905.75£1.56
A1058Sail Slug300250104530.754.237.35.75£1.60
A1158Sail Slug600250144533.554.234.405.75£1.66