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Toe Strap Plate Royal Blue


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Toe Strap Plate Royal Blue

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Toe Strap Plate Royal Blue


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Toe Strap Plate Royal Blue

Titledistance between fixing hole mmfixing hole size mminside length mmlength mmthickness mmweight gwidth mmPrice ex VAT
A..38Lacing Strap Small43526585416£0.78
A..38WLacing Strap Small White 43526585416£0.78
A..99BToe Strap Plate Black 285-4753.519£0.87
A..99GToe Strap Plate Grey 285-4753.519£0.87
A..99LGToe Strap Plate Light Grey 285-4753.519£0.87
A..99RB-CANToe Strap Plate Royal Blue285-4753.519£0.87
A..99WToe Strap Plate White285-4753.519£0.87
A.138Lacing Strap Medium51535665516£0.81
A.199Toe Strap Plate White 345-505.25518£0.90
A.238Lacing Strap Large58548745716£1.16
A4030Toe Strap Buckle Stainless Steel---5722438£7.23
A4050Buckle And Fixing Plate 38 x 255447324857£11.36
A4099Toe Strap Plate Stainless Steel285-5129.516£1.93