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Single With Swivel Hook



Single With Swivel Hook

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20mm Single With Swivel Hook Dynamic Block.

The A2020 is our go-to low friction, fast rolling, small pulley. It’s lightweight and strong, making it ideal for dinghies, windsurfing, kitesurfing and anything else that runs smaller diameter lines. 

Our Dynamic range is generally the best choice for applications that require constant sheave movement.

Swivel Hook – A built-in swivelling hook allows this block to be easily attached or removed as well as swivel to aline with pulling forces that may change direction. The swivel cannot be locked.

Bearings – Dynamic Blocks feature our patented bearing system which uses twin rows of stainless-steel ball bearings running on a stainless-steel rail. This provides a superior load-carrying ability and longevity when compared to other bearing systems which run on a plastic rail.

Becket – Our 20 & 30mm blocks offer a large central rivet which not only reduces the overall weight but also offers a rope friendly attachment, perfect as a tie-off point when being used in a cascade system.


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Single With Swivel Hook

SKUTitlebreaking load kgfixing hole centres mmlength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgshackle pin mmWeight gPrice
A202020mm Single Block540-376115-10£13.20
A2020-30Linked 20 & 30mm Singles540-806/8115--£29.66
A2020-4035Single With P-Clip540-606115515£15.88
A2020-4036Single With Offset Lacing Eye54015526115-15£17.71
A2020FSingle With Fork Head350-396115415£20.98
A2020HLSingle High Load540-376250-17.5£33.58
A2020HL-4036Single High Load With Lacing Eye 54015526250-21£38.20
A2020HLSHKSingle With Swivel Hook350-57.86250-24£52.87
A2020LZSingle Stand-Up Fixed54027436115-15.4£22.03
A2020SCSingle With Swivel Head350-54.826115415.4£33.50
A2020SHKSingle With Swivel Hook350-586115-19£32.50
A2020Ti3Single Ti3-On540-296115-8£13.20
A2020Ti3HLSingle Ti3-On540-296250-14£33.58
A2020Tii-Single Tii-On 540-296115-8£13.20
A2020TiihlSingle High Load tii-On540-6250--£33.58
A2020XHLExtreme High Load 900-296400-17£122.71
A2021Single Multi Function350-356115-11.5£12.18
A2021FSingle With Articulating Fork Head350-486115415.2£20.98
A2021HKSingle With Fixed Hook165-656115-17.5£20.34
A2021HLSingle Multi Function With High Load Sheave540-356350-11.5£32.54
A2021SCSingle With Swivel Fork Head350-526115415.4£30.37
A2022AArticulating Double600-486225-29.1£36.07
A2022AHLArticulating Double With High Load Sheave600-47.66325-42£76.88
A2022FDouble With Fork600-516225515.5£35.92
A2022HLDouble High Load600-486325-42£74.39
A2022LZDouble Stand Up Fixed600-536225-34£42.52
A2022SC20mm Double With Swivel350-566225435£50.68
A2022SHKDouble With Swivel Hook500--6225-35£50.68
A2022Tii-Double Tii-On600-296225-15.6£36.10
A2022TiiHLDouble Tii-On High Load600-29.56250-25£76.93
A2022XHLDouble Extreme High Load Block900-296600-30£163.52
A2023Double With Becket600-596225-33.5£35.40
A2023HKDouble With Becket And Hook600-1106225-60.2£56.65
A2023XHLDouble Extreme High Load With Becket900-386600-33£167.48
A2024Triple Block650-506320-47.9£48.76
A2024-677Triple With Inverted Cleat650-556320-86.9£112.30
A2024AArticulating Triple650-506320-42.9£51.24
A2024AHLArticulating Triple With High Load Sheave650-47.65400-63£112.30
A2024FTriple With Fork650-516320448£81.07
A2024HLTriple High Load650-506400-63£109.81
A2025Triple With Becket650-666320-52.9£53.99
A2025-677Triple, Inverted Cleat & Becket650-666320-86.9£117.49
A2026Single Cheek Block350-456115415.3£19.70
A2026-PROFIXCheek Adaptor For A2021------3.8£8.34
A2026HLSingle Cheek Block High Load350-456350-21.3£40.07
A2026MSingle Composite Cheek54018336115-12£21.84
A2027Triple, Cleat & Becket650-756320-86.9£117.49
A2027NBTriple With Extended Cleat And No Becket 650-756320-98£117.49
A2028Back To Back540-526115-20£30.02
A2028HLBack To Back High Load540-526300-32£70.82
A2029Linked Singles540-706115-21.8£28.14
A2121Single Through Deck35042546105-10.8£27.02
A2121HLSingle Through Deck Block With Steel Sheave40042546--10.8£47.40
A2122Double Through Deck 35064606105-20£40.56
A2122HLDouble Through Deck Block With Steel Sheave35063756--20£81.29
A2124Upstand Block55022318115-20.6£24.66
A2126MDouble Composite Cheek Block54018336225-23£48.01
A4251Single Through Deck40025 x 24326105-30£25.68
A4504Double Upstand Block35027 x 19326105-94£58.08
A4710Lightweight Stand Up Single 35026376105-19£19.50
A5849Deck Mounting Plate With Two A2021F35025516115450£63.92