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60mm Ratchet Block w/Fiddle


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Single Switchable Ratchet With Fiddle

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60mm Switchable Ratchet With Fiddle. The Pro-Ratchet 60 features a hardwearing nylon sheave with eight V grips to give an extreme hold on any rope. In the middle of the block is a switch that can be used even under load to turn the ratchet on or off. This fiddle version is ideal for use in a 3:1 mainsheet system. The large hole through the fiddle can also be used as a becket. Located at the head of the block is another switch which can be used to lock the swivel in 90-degree orientations.


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60mm Ratchet Block w/Fiddle

Titlebreaking load kglength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgshackle pin mmsheave size mmtrigger load kgweight gPrice ex VAT
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A2151Single Switchable Ratchet With Becket & Cleat70013610200450-64.6£79.10
A2159Quint With Ratchet And Adjustable Cleat 70013610200450-503£236.30
A2160Pro-Ratchet 100011012275560-110£65.27
A2160CSingle Switchable Ratchet With Cheek Adaptor100010812275560-139£70.06
A2160FIDDLE60mm Ratchet Block w/Fiddle100015012275560-139£86.68
A2160WAVEPro-Ratchet With Wave Sheave 100011012275560-110£68.53
A2161Single Switchable Ratchet With Becket & Cleat100012712275560-333£89.84
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A2360WAVEX2 Wave AutoRatchet10001101227556010139£68.20