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X2 AutoRatchet 60


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X2 AutoRatchet A2360

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X2 AutoRatchet 60

AutoRatchet blocks feature an internal ratcheting mechanism which turns on and off automatically when a certain load is reached. This gives the user more holding power on hand-held lines but also allows the sheave to spin freely at low loads. Allowing a line to release quickly through a manoeuvre.

AutoRatchets are ideal for use in spinnaker sheet systems when you want the sheave to spin freely and let the sheet out quickly when gybing.

X2 – “X2” is our ingenious double pawl system, designed to increase the longevity of the ratchet mechanism. Unlike other ratchet blocks our X2 pawl system allows the load put on the internal mechanism to be shared between two pawls. This results in a longer-lasting and more reliable ratcheting mechanism that can withstand higher loads.

Extreme Hold – The X2 AutoRatchet 60 features a hardwearing nylon sheave with eight V grips to give extreme holding power on all lines. For maximum performance, we recommend pairing this ratchet block with 7mm Excel Marstron Plus.

Swivel Lock – The swivel can be locked in 90-degree orientations with the small black swivel lock at the top of the block. Alternatively, the swivel can be set to spin freely.

Trigger Load – The AutoRatchet mechanism is designed to engage at 10kg with a line wrap of 180 degrees around the sheave.

2 reviews for X2 AutoRatchet 60

  1. lauramarimon

    Developed around our actual sailing loads and needs this autoratchet works really well even with high loads like the ones in the Nacra 17 gennaker! I use it paired with a dynamic 60mm on the front beam and they help us in fast gybes.

  2. nathan

    Can handle the 1:1 loads on a 16ft skiff kite sheet, with the auto ratchet making it fast to gybe.

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X2 AutoRatchet 60

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