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Rudder Gudgeon


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Rudder Gudgeon

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Rudder Gudgeon


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Rudder Gudgeon

Titledistance from stock to pin mmfixing hole diameter mmhole / pin diameter mmlength mmpin length mmweight gwidth mmPrice ex VAT
A4017-23Rudder Pintle1847.889408823£18.17
A4017-35Rudder Pintle1847.8894010135£18.17
A4017-42Rudder Pintle1847.8894010142£18.17
A4017-45Rudder Pintle1847.8894010145£18.17
A4017-51Rudder Pintle1847.8894010151£23.77
A4017-54Rudder Pintle1847.8894010154£18.17
A4017C-38Rudder Pintle1847.8894010138£18.17
A4018-23Rudder Gudgeon1848135-8723£18.17
A4018-35Rudder Gudgeon1848145-10535£18.17
A4018-42Rudder Gudgeon1848145-10542£18.17
A4018-45Rudder Gudgeon1848140-10545£18.17
A4018-51Rudder Gudgeon1848140-10551£18.17
A4018-54Rudder Gudgeon1848140-10554£18.17
A4018C-38Rudder Gudgeon184892-8338£18.17
A4106Rudder Gudgeon1848110-12638£20.63
A4117LRudder Pintle1847.870475711£11.29
A4117SRudder Pintle1847.870355711£11.29
A4318Rudder Gudgeon1848123-12343£20.57
A4417LOptimist Rudder Pintle 105697354812£9.10
A4417SOptimist Rudder Pintle104678194012£9.10