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Optimist Sprit Block


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Optimist Sprit

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Optimist Sprit Block. Featuring a ball bearing sheave which has been shaped to work with dyneema or wire. The flat side of the block is specially designed to sit against the mast to stop any twisting, allowing the block to give the best lead for the spirt line making it as easy as possible for the sailor to use whilst on the water. The hook will fit all Opti spars. Class legal.

1 review for Optimist Sprit Block

  1. Optimum

    This block comes in the sprit pack and hooks really nicely into the mast.

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Optimist Sprit Block

Titlebreaking load kglength mmmaximum line diameter mmshackle pin mmsheave diameter mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A4068Optimist Sprit Block400552 - 441620£22.89
A4196Single Fixed Head1000622 - 653871£38.79
A4279Single Flared Cheek750412 - 752544£27.01
A4296Single With Shackle1000742 - 653880£44.41
A4379Single Fixed Head750412 - 552525£20.89
A4379HKSingle With Hook5001052 - 6-2581£36.62
A4379HK-90Single With 90 Degree Hook 500902 - 6-2581£36.62
A4393Single Fixed Head With Becket750592 - 552531£23.56
A4393HKSingle Fixed Head And Becket With Hook7501032 - 5-2581£36.51
A4396Single Fixed Head With Becket1000802 - 653884£42.74
A4479Single With Shackle750582 - 552533£26.51
A4496Double Fixed Head1000742 - 6538141£79.54
A4568Single400292 - 441611£17.60
A4569Double400402 - 441625£37.67
A4570Triple400402 - 441636£56.51
A4593Triple Fixed Head750572 - 552578£67.60
A4596Double Fixed Head With Becket1000932 - 6538150£84.16
A4668Single With Becket 40050441640£18.77
A4669Double With Becket400502 - 441626£37.87
A4670Triple With Becket400502 - 441638£58.68
A4679Double Fixed Head750572 - 552554£45.50
A4693Triple Fixed Head With Becket750702 - 552584£70.00
A4696Triple Fixed Head1000742 - 6538195£117.69
A4779Double Fixed Head With Becket750702 - 552560£47.70
A4796Triple Fixed Head With Becket1000932 - 6538208£121.35
A4979Quad Fixed Head750512 - 552589£89.78
A4993Single Clevis Pin Head750432 - 552531£25.64
AB1342Brass Sheaved Plain Bearing 540376-20-£6.99