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Pressed Rigging Link


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Pressed Rigging Link

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Pressed Rigging Link


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Pressed Rigging Link

Titlebreaking load kginternal width (w) mmlength (l) mmmaximum working load kgopening (a) mmpin diameter (d) mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A1438Pressed Shackle1000182850016619£6.09
A4028Pressed Rigging Link Narrow900916300957£4.56
A4048Pressed Shackle800142430013510£3.83
A4128Pressed Rigging Link700818300857£3.16
A4138Pressed Rigging Link800183130018514£4.50
A4148Pressed Shackle1000916500957£5.11
A4228Large Pressed Rigging Link Narrow130013296009520£6.34
A4328Pressed Rigging Link Narrow100014213001359£2.98
A4348Pressed Shackle100013143001354£5.11
A4428Pressed Shackle100016203001657£5.65
A4528Pressed Rigging Link Narrow90013153001357£3.59
A4728Pressed Rigging Link Narrow250910200933£3.09
A4828Bayonet Halyard Shackle550132520013517£14.91
A4929Pressed Shackle3001192501156£3.96