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High Load SS Sheave



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38mm High Load Stainless Steel Sheave.

The breaking load of this sheave very much depends on how it’s being used as well as how it’s fixed.

Bearings – This sheave features a single row of spaced stainless steel ball bearings that run around a stainless steel axle.

Sheave – The slight V profile to the sheave allows it to be paired with both rope and wire.


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High Load SS Sheave

SKUxTitlebearing typebore mmbreaking load kgdiameter mmwidth mmWeight gPrice
A..45Acetal Sheave -6-1560.5£1.06
A..46Brass Sheave-6.3-15.56.26£3.17
A..80A-Acetal Sheave Wide -10-27184£2.28
A..80BAcetal Sheave Wide-8-27184£2.40
A..83Aluminium Sheave-8-38820£9.82
A..84Aluminium Sheave-9-28810£9.28
A..85Acetal Sheave-8 -3665£2.45
A..86-6Acetal Sheave-8-2562£1.78
A..86-8Acetal Sheave-8-2682.5£1.78
A.119Acetal Sheave-8 -50810£5.30
A.150Acetal Sheave-8 -3887£2.70
A.150-6Acetal Sheave-8-3867£2.70
A.185Aluminium Sheave-8-38614£9.58
A.215Acetal Sheave-8.3-39.811.79£3.01
A.216Acetal Sheave-8 -501314£3.90
A.217Acetal Sheave-9-741326£7.75
A.219Acetal Sheave-7.8-621320£5.23
A.220Acetal Sheave-9-2762£1.78
A.315Aluminium Sheave-8-381230£13.54
A.386Nylon Cheek Block -8-2789£4.13
A.612Acetal Sheave-6-2071£1.74
A.613Acetal Sheave-8-27102£1.80
A.614Acetal Sheave-8-38128£2.59
A1086Acetal Sheave With Double Row Ball Bearing - Grey-6700401426£11.72
A1086BAcetal Sheave With Double Row Ball Bearing - Black-6700401426£11.72
A1086SP-BAcetal Sheave With Double Row Ball Bearing-8700401427£11.65
A1886Acetal Sheave With Double Row Ball Bearing - Grey-6.5800521546£16.73
A2086-320mm Dynamic SheaveDynamic3.2540208.50-£10.08
A2086-420mm Dynamic SheaveDynamic4.25402085.6£10.08
A2086-520mm Dynamic SheaveDynamic5.25402085£10.08
A2087-320mm Dynamic Sheave - WideDynamic3.25402013-£10.08
A2087-420mm Dynamic Sheave - WideDynamic4.205402013-£10.08
A2087-520mm Dynamic Sheave - WideDynamic5.205402013-£10.08
A3086Acetal Sheave With Double Row Ball Bearing - Grey-5800381216£10.08
A3342High Load SS Sheave With Double Row Ball Bearing-4.5540201112£27.07
A3342-XHLXHL Cassette-4.5900201111.2£48.41
A3343High Load SS Sheave With Double Row Ball Bearing-7.380028.51326£28.84
A3343-XHLXHL Cassette-7.25125028.351326£50.18
A4056Small Dynamic SheaveDynamic3.1040017.608.80-£5.50
A4086-Acetal Sheave With Double Row Ball BearingDynamic5.170028.2117£7.46
A4567High Load SS Sheave With Single Row Ball Bearing-3.54001655£15.00
A4567R16mm Dynamic Bearing SheaveDyanamic3.20400166.10-£15.00
A4786-10High Load SS Sheave-81000381059.3£43.49
A4786-6High Load SS Sheave With Single Row Ball Bearing-8100038651£41.52
A4786-8High Load SS Sheave With Single Row Ball Bearing-8100038855£41.52
A4886Acetal Sheave With Double Row Ball Bearing - Grey-35402073£10.08
A4886-5Acetal Sheave With Double Rows Ball Bearing -5.2540208.55£10.08
A4886BAcetal Sheave With Double Row Ball Bearing - Black-35402073£5.50
A4986-6High Load SS Sheave With Single Row Ball Bearing-875025617£20.95
A4986-8High Load SS Sheave With Single Row Ball Bearing-875025819£20.95