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Quint With Ratchet And Adjustable Cleat


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The A2169 features our patented dynamic bearing technology, which comprises of high-quality stainless steel ball bearings running on stainless steel rails. providing unsurpassed performance under load. The A2169 features a custom fairlead which has been designed to allow easy cleating of the mainsheet when pulled from the trapeze. It also gives minimal friction, to ensure you can play the mainsheet harder for longer. The cleat height is easily adjustable, just undo the allen key bolt, and can be set at 3 positions that offer a maximum range of 25 degrees adjustment. The A2169 also features a removable becket pin for customisation of purchase system or easy removal of a spliced line (40mm block not included). The A2169 is an ideal choice for Catamaran mainsheet systems or yacht backstays. For quick release, we recommend replacing the standard screw shackle with the WD-2293 snap shackle.

1 review for Quint With Ratchet And Adjustable Cleat

  1. william

    I put this block system onto my Formula 18 catamaran with great results. Never has it been easier to play the mainsail and respond quickly to gusts. The product feels robust and when combined with a Maffioli mainsheet it runs really freely.

    Now I’ve asked the Allen team to put together a 14:1 system for the Vampire. It will be great if we can get the same gust response without the big mainsail pulling our arms off.

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Quint With Ratchet And Adjustable Cleat

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A2159Quint With Ratchet And Adjustable Cleat 70013610200450-503£256.39
A2160Pro-Ratchet 100011012275560-110£70.82
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A2160WAVEPro-Ratchet With Wave Sheave 100011012275560-110£74.36
A2161Single Switchable Ratchet With Becket & Cleat100012712275560-333£97.48
A2169Quint With Ratchet And Adjustable Cleat 125014812600660-749£342.57
A2345X2 AutoRatchet2809081404451056£57.40
A2360X2 AutoRatchet 10001101227556010139£70.49
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