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Triple With Switchable Ratchet & Adjustable Cleat


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60mm Triple With Switchable Ratchet & Adjustable Cleat.

Ideal for use on Keelboats and Catamarans for a range of applications from jib sheet to mainsheet systems, to backstay tensioning systems and everything in between. The 60mm triple is a great choice for systems which require a larger purchase system with minimal friction.

Anti-Snag – The block also features an anti-snag elastic to stop shets from getting wrapped around the cleat arm.

Adjustable Cam Cleat Arm – The cam cleat angle can be adjusted by undoing the bolt and sliding the cam cleat on the track up or down. Re-tighten the bolt into one of the new location holes to keep the cleat arm in position.

Bearings – Dynamic Blocks feature our patented bearing system which uses twin rows of stainless-steel ball bearings running on a stainless-steel rail. This provides a superior load-carrying ability and longevity when compared to other bearing systems available on the market.

Swivel Lock – The A2068 comes with a removable swivel lock moulding. When installed, the shackle can be locked in 90-degree orientations. When removed, the attachment shackle can spin freely.

Becket – The becket is removable for customisation of purchase systems. 

1 review for Triple With Switchable Ratchet & Adjustable Cleat

  1. defoy86211

    This is the bottom block for the backstay system on my 32Ft cruiser. It has hugely improved the system. It feels reliable and of good quality.

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Triple With Switchable Ratchet & Adjustable Cleat

SKUTitlebreaking load kglength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgshackle pin mmsheave diameter mmtrigger load kgWeight gPrice
A.622Spring Guard For Ratchets-------2.1£2.36
A2058Triple With Switchable Ratchet & Adjustable Cleat950123.7510470450-394£189.07
A2068Triple With Switchable Ratchet & Adjustable Cleat125014312600560-535£198.67
A2140Single Switchable Ratchet47581.786120440-40£57.94
A2150Pro-Ratchet 5070098.6310200450-64.5£89.93
A2150CPro-Ratchet 50 With Cheek Adaptor7009210200450-80£96.28
A2150FIDDLEPro-Ratchet 50 With Fiddle700127.6310200450-80£82.39
A2151Single Switchable Ratchet With Becket & Cleat700125.0910200450-64.6£163.99
A2159Quint With Ratchet And Adjustable Cleat 950123.0510470450-503£354.77
A2160Pro-Ratchet 601000117.3612275560-110£98.00
A2160CPro-Ratchet 60 With Cheek Adaptor100010812275560-139£105.19
A2160FIDDLEPro-Ratchet 60 With Fiddle1000152.2112275560-139£130.14
A2160WAVEPro-Ratchet 60 With Wave Sheave 1000117.3612275560-110£109.52
A2161Single Switchable Ratchet With Becket & Cleat1000143.212275560-333£184.50
A2169Quint With Ratchet And Adjustable Cleat 125014812600660-749£474.02
A2345X2 AutoRatchet 452809081404451056£79.43
A2345TiiX2 Tii AutoRatchet 4526064.758140-451038.7£79.43
A2360X2 AutoRatchet 601000117.351227556010139£101.47
A2360WAVEX2 AutoRatchet 60 With Wave Sheave1000117.361227556010139£113.02