Allen Endurance Series 2023

The UK sailing season is creeping closer and closer and with it the highly anticipated Allen Endurance Series, which returns for a 6th season.

The Allen Endurance Series combines the UK’s best long-distance events to give high-performance Catamaran and Skiff sailors a season-long series to compete for.

For 2023 the series has unfortunately had to be reduced to just two events – The Solent Forts Race & The East Coast Piers Race. Meaning this year there will be no discards, so consistency will be key!

Both of the events will be individually supported with an array of Allen sponsored prizes awarded across the fleet of competitors. Also up for grabs will be the usual £300, £200 & £100 Allen vouchers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Qualification into the Allen Endurance Series is free and automatic if you enter both of the listed events. However, only boats with a PY of 900 or less are eligible. Please note – each event does accept entries or run a separate race for boats with a higher PY.

Due to the long distance nature of each of these events, we recommend each of the competitor’s boats are well-maintained and ready for a long day on the water. So, should you have any technical questions about any hardware updates or improvements please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team – – who will be more than happy to ensure your boat is racing ready!

Further details about each of the events and the series can be found at

The Notice of Series can be found at the bottom of this page.

2023 Dates

Solent Forts – 3rd & 4th June

ECPR – 8th & 9th July

Previous Winners

2018 – Grant Piggot – F18

2019 – Simon Northrop – F18

2020 – NA (Covid)

2021 – NA (Covid)

2022 – Grant Piggot – F20

Notice of Series 2023

  • the new allen endurance series trophy