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Laser Control Line Cleats With Base


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Laser/ ILCA control line cam cleats with angled base, Pro-lead and wire under-fairleads.

Featuring two A.677 Allenite cam cleats, which have an optimised jaw profile for easy cleating and uncleating of control lines. The A.677 is moulded from a proprietary material (allenite) developed specifically for low weight and good heat dissipation to increase wear resistance when compared to standard acetals.

The base has been optimised with a small angle to ensure the control lines can easily be adjusted when hiking and the Pro-lead ensures the rope guides easily into the mouth of the cam cleat from any angle.

This product is ILCA and Laser class legal.

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Laser Control Line Cleats With Base

Titlefixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmheight mmline size mmmaximum working load kgweight gPrice ex VAT
A..76Ball Bearing Cam Cleat - Medium385294 - 1015063£33.32
A..76-496Ball Bearing Cam Cleat With Mega Pro Lead - Medium385484 - 10150103£42.30
A..77Ball Bearing Cam Cleat - Small 284222 - 610029£27.95
A..77-497Ball Bearing Cam Cleat With Mega Pro Lead - Small 284392 - 610050£39.60
A.676Allenite Cam Cleat - Medium 385294 - 1013034£21.68
A.676-496Allenite Cam Cleat With Mega Pro Lead - Medium385484 - 1013074£34.14
A.677Allenite Cam Cleat - Small284222 - 68022£17.33
A.677-497Allenite Cam Cleat With Mega Pro Lead - Small284392 - 68045£29.31
A4077Stainless Steel Base Cam Cleat - Medium 39.55184 - 126034£15.65
A4334Fairlead With A.676 Cam Cleat-5-4 - 1013096£56.78
A4476Stainless Steel Base Cam Cleat - Small 274102 - 64016£21.57
A5848Laser Control Line Cleats With Base675562-6100141.9£75.49
A5861Laser Lower Vang Unit-5822-6-201.6£119.28