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Keyball Trapeze System – Moulding


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Keyball Trapeze System – Moulding

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Keyball Trapeze System – Moulding


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Keyball Trapeze System - Moulding

Titlelength mmmaximum rope diameter mmmaximum wire diameter mmwebbing size mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A..60Nylon Trapeze Handle 'T' Type5433-13£2.75
A..62Trapeze Disc Handle-4--2£2.23
A4040Trapeze Harness Buckle With Strap Adjusters---40170£27.02
A4043Keyball Trapeze System Handle (Pair)1605--141£63.49
A4043-KITKeyball Trapeze System---45/20456£102.70
A4043CKeyball Trapeze System - Moulding----73£3.86
A4043NKeyball Trapeze System - Moulding With Narrow B/P---45/20305£37.43
A4043N-1Keyball Trapeze System - Moulding With Square B/P----292£34.13
A4043WKeyball Trapeze System - Moulding With Wide B/P---45/20406£44.87
A4043W-1Keyball Trapeze System - Moulding With Wire Buckle-6-45372£71.18
A4043W-KITKeyball Trapeze System - Complete With 2 Handles---45/2022£107.83
A4161LZNarrow Trapeze Ring With Plain Bearing Block1336--54£12.77
A4261Wide Trapeze Ring With 20mm B/B Block And S/S Ring1372.5 - 6 --68£26.59
A44615mm Wire Trapeze Ring----64£10.22
A4461-66mm Wire Trapeze Ring----90£12.39
A6180Stainless Steel Trapeze Terminal With Eye-1 - 3--133£13.77