New blue carbon tiller extensions

Allen Brothers has been working alongside their Team Allen sailors to make sure the new range is stiff enough to give you the right amount of feedback, yet forgiving enough to take a good beating. Although performance was at the top of the checklist it soon became apparent style should be too.


Managing Director of Allen Brothers, Liz Adams, commented on the style of the new range “The new Blue Carbon range has a dark blue wrap included in the carbon tube, it gives a really nice blue shine in the sun. It’s something that hasn’t been done before in tiller extensions and we feel it really makes the whole thing pop! It will give the end user the best quality performance as well as making the boat look great.”


The Blue Carbon range is available in 5 different sizes, and lengths over 1.9meters come with a smaller end knob to reduce outboard weight. The Blue Carbon range is available direct from or you can order one via your local Allen stockist.


Allen Brothers, the leading UK manufacturer of sailboat hardware, have been working alongside their Team Allen sailors to produce innovative and high performing hardware for the last 60 years. To find out more about Allen Brothers products go to or visit the Allen Facebook page.


Lengths over 1.9m come with a smaller end knob.

16ft Skiff Nationals

It’s been a long week! We had 28 degrees, plenty of sun and 8-15 knots every day (which is very unusual).

Picture sunny Queensland, with 28 degrees every day, and an 8-15 knot semi-seabreeze. Add 16ft Carbon Skiffs and a bar and you have yourself a 16 Nationals! With about 40 skiffs participating, there was plenty of competitive racing, and plenty of beers flowing after the racing. The fantastic part of our skiff class is that the skills vary considerably, from sailors with just 1 season worth of experience, to 25 years of experience; from weekend club racers to members of the Australian Sailing Team. It really is a regatta with some serious competition (despite the very social atmosphere).

There was close racing all week – one mistake would cost you 10 places and after 90 minutes of racing, there was usually only 5 minutes of difference between the front pack and the last pack. There were only a few protests, most of which were sorted out with a round of beers at the end of the day. The Eric’s boys had a very enjoyable regatta, despite results being far lower than expected without our usual crew. We definitely improved over the week, and had we had another regatta together after, our results would have shown!

I’ve had many comments regarding how well looked after our boat is, as well as how neat all the rope work is and how gorgeous the boat looks with the Allen kit. Definitely, a head-turning boat.

Looking forward we have the Botany Bay Championships and the Belmont Sprints which has plenty of fun.

Full results here

Nathan Edwards – Erics Removals Skiff – Team Allen

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