High Load Thimbles – Why, When, Where?

High Load Thimbles Spliced.

Also known as low friction rings these handy bits of hardware are used across many different areas of a sailboat. But they’re nothing new. In fact the high load thimble has been around for some time, just in slightly different forms. Originally made from wood and used on old style tall ships for adjusting running rigging and then more recently moulded in plastic to create light-weight, cheap alternatives. And now, CNC machined from high grade aluminium. But why, when and where should you use a high load thimble?

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What is a high load thimble?

Why use a high load thimble?

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Where can a high load thimble be used?

High load thimble sizing guide


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Allen, reduce, reuse, recycle

COP26 is taking over news headlines around the World as countries are pledging to reduce carbon emissions and do more to reduce, reuse and recycle. So, what are we doing here at Allen to reduce our impact on the planet? 

In mid 2019 we introduced our first eco-friendly block range – The plain bearing block range.


Wrecker Race Report

The series is sponsored by Allen Sailing with support from Admiral Trailers, and TracAce Limited

The Sailing Southwest annual winter pursuit race series kicked off this weekend with the opening event at North Devon Yacht Club at Instow.

Events planned to follow include:

Penzance Pirate at Penzance SC on 14th November

Christmas Cracker at Paignton SC on 5th December

Sutton Bingham Icicle at Sutton Bingham SC on 30th January

Roadford Rocket at Roadford SC on 20th January

Channel chop at Portishead SC on 12th March          

Starcross Steamer at Starcross YC on 27th March

Exmore Beastie at Wimbleball SC on 3rd April


XHL Block Range

The XHL block range has been designed to deal with extremely high loads without compromising on low load dynamic performance.

By combining our patented dynamic bearing technology with a plain bearing peek washer we have created a bearing technology that has extreme dynamic performance even after being subject to static loads of up to 1500kg.

Coupling this XHL bearing technology with CNC machined aluminium side cheeks and precision turned stainless-steel sheave has resulted in a range of blocks that are perfect for use in vang cascades, halyard turning points and backstay systems, where static loads can be extremely high but low load dynamic performance is also required.

The XHL range is available in 3 sheave sizes and in six vibrant colours allowing you to customise your boat or control system.


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