Tera Race Ready Packs

Tera Race Pack

Tired of scruffy looking knots and frayed rope ends? Well, we are pleased to announce our new race ready Tera packs. 

Utilising British made Marlow rope and our range of performance blocks to deliver an easy to install and use race kit. The race packs have been developed using our Team Allen sailors experience in the boat and finessed by our engineering know how. 

Vang Race Pack

Fully spliced to the perfect lengths to allow maximum travel for the blocks with a 6:1 purchase. Our race vang also includes a high load thimble set into the system to allow for a better lead for the outhaul control line. 

Pack includes

Primary Line – 3mm Marlow dyneema.

Secondary line – 4mm Marlow excel control. 

2 x A2020Ti3 – 20mm dynamic ti3-on blocks spliced into the system to allow for maximum travel. 

1 x A2044-677HK – 40mm dynamic block with becket, hook and adjustable cleat.  

1 x Soft shackle with dog bone and high load thimble. 

2 x Handles to make pulling the control line easier. 

Cunningham Race Pack

The Cunningham race pack requires two knots to complete set up, a reef knot and a bowline. Easy! The pack is a 6:1 purchase which makes the system easy to use for any sailor whilst still allowing maximum control adjustment.

Pack includes

Primary Line – 3mm Marlow dyneema.

Secondary line – 4mm Marlow excel control. 

Mast/ goosneck line – 1.5mm Marlow dyneema. 

Lower mast soft shackle – 3mm Marlow dyneema.

1 x A2030Tii – 30mm dynamic tii-on block spliced into both the primary and secondary control lines. 

2 x A2020 – 20mm dynamic blocks attached to mast via soft shackle. 

1 x Handle to make pulling the control line easier. 

1 x Dog bone spliced into mast/ goosneck line for easy connection of the primary cunningham line.

Outhaul Race Pack

The outhaul race pack has been designed to work best with our vang race pack. Leading the secondary control line through the thimble in the vang unit allows the outhaul to be pulled from either side of the boat with ease and no tangled rope.  The pack includes a super neat and easy to use clew tie as well as an elastic take up and plastic handle.

Pack includes

Primary line – 3mm Marlow dyneema.

Secondary line – 4mm Marlow excel control. 

Take up – 3mm elastic take up with snap shackle.

Clew tie – 3mm Marlow dyneema spliced in a continuous loop with 1 x A8608 dog bone.

3 x A2020Ti3 – 20mm dynamic ti3-on blocks.

1 x Handle to make pulling the control line easier. 

If you have any questions about any of the Tera race packs, please dont hesitate to get in touch – sales@allenbrothers.co.uk / +44 1621 774689

You can also find most of the rigging advice you will need in the following video.

Product Feature – V Cleats

plastic v cleats

Simple and cost effective. The V Cleat is one of the original methods for cleating rope and to this day is still the favoured option for many applications. 

Injection moulded from Nylon 6 to give a strong and UV stable product to ensure it can endure a long life outside in harsh weather. 

V Cleats are the perfect choice for low to medium loaded applications where a quick and easy adjustment or release of rope is required. V cleats are commonly used to cleat tensioning systems for awnings, flag poles and simple boat control systems. 

Available in 3 sizes and suitable for rope diameters from 2mm to 12mm.  




fixing hole centres mm

fixing hole diameter mm

height mm

length mm

max rope

diameter mm

weight g



Nylon V Cleat









Nylon V Cleat









Nylon V Cleat







3 sizes of v cleat

Tii-on products are the future

Tii-on products are quickly becoming the go to choice for many hardware fittings. So, in this short article we will list a few of our favourite products, as well as explain when and why Tii-on’s should be used. 

In this article

What is a Tii-on? 

Tii-on is our brand name for products which require a soft attachment fitting (soft shackle/ rope shackle) or must be spliced or tied onto rope to be used correctly. 


Allen Sponsored UK Cherub Nationals

Cherub start line

Between the 6th and 9th of July the UK Cherub class travelled to WPNSA for its 70th anniversary nationals supported by Rooster, suppliers of high performance technical clothing for sailing, and Allen, suppliers of performance sailing hardware.

12 boats made the trip ready for some close racing and find out which team would be fastest in 2021.

Day 1 – Tuesday 6th July

Blowing dogs off chains.

The scheduled first day was a bit of a blow out, the forecast was for a lot of wind and the reality was white horses within the marina and gusts of up to 35kts. Not many wanted to go out racing. After checking the boats were properly tied down in the dinghy park, the sailors left WPNSA for some sightseeing. (more…)

Product Feature – Backstay Blocks

back stay block on j70

30mm dynamic blocks are one of the most versatile products in our range and so they are great for use in many different systems. Most recently we have started manufacturing the single version onto a stainless-steel ring for sportsboat backstay systems. 

The configuration of two or three single blocks assembled around a ring gives a refined and streamlined product with maximum strength. The ring also allows the blocks to move freely and as such they can each align to the correct lead angle for the rope without any impediment. The breaking load for both the A2030R2 and A2030R3 is set by the single blocks, this is 750Kg, which is more than strong enough for most triangle backstay arrangements on sportsboats.30mm blocks on ring


New 20mm Ti3 On Block

The range of soft attachment blocks is growing with the release of the new 20mm Ti3 block.

The A2020Ti3 has been developed by the Allen design team for the paragliding and kiting industries but the team believe it will also trickle down into the marine sector.

Graham Adams, Head of International Business Development, commented “The paragliding industry required a high performance, small and reliable soft attachment block. Unfortunately, our current 20mm Tii block didn’t cut it for them as they required something that was more suitable for attaching with webbing strap. So, we developed the A2020Ti3 to suit their needs. However, when testing the Ti3 we quickly realised the design was so much easier to splice and thread rope around.” (more…)

New Articulating Blocks

Introducing a new concept for double and triple blocks – the articulating block range.

Double and triple sheaved blocks are an important part of many rigging systems, especially if you are wanting to reduce the load of a line. However, sometimes the lead angle for the rope when exiting a double or triple block isn’t quite right and can cause twisting or rubbing of the rope against the cheek of the block.

To solve the problem the Allen design team have developed a simple solution which utilises existing products. (more…)

Development of new mast tapering process

Finished tapered mast section

We are pleased to announce we have been working on some big projects for the marine industry over the past 12 months, one of which is production of 11-meter tapered masts.

The project to create a new tapered mast for the Dragon fleet came about after sailors and boat builders had started to notice the bend characteristics differed between each mast produced. Meaning, if you broke a mast and replaced it with a new one all the tuning and set up and measurements would no longer be valid. This also affected the continuity within the fleet, as each boat would require their own settings to get the most from their specific mast section.

Mast tapers are needed to get the best shape and performance from a sail. The basic technique to create a tapered mast requires the manufacturer to remove a “v” section from the mast, once removed the section needs to be closed – usually done with an internal mandrel, hammer, or clamp. Once closed it is held together with a weld. Straight forward it would seem, but it proves very difficult to achieve a consistent result. Each process has a possibility for small variation which will result in slightly different bend characteristics.


Allen employee’s bring home the silverware

Ben Harden wins Blaze Nationals

Ben Harden, Head of Marketing, and Nic Tolhurst, Warehouse Distribution Assistant at Allen, recently took part in the Blaze National Championships in the waters of Torquay.

The event was held at Paignton Sailing Club and had a record-breaking turnout of 70 boats for the 3-day event.

After the first two days of racing in a mix of light and medium wind conditions, Ben managed a score line of four firsts, a second and a fifth. Which meant with only two more scheduled races it wasn’t possible for him to be beaten and as such took the Nationals win after the second day of racing.

Nic Tolhurst finished 9th overall as well as first Master with an impressive string of top 10 results. Unfortunately, a UFD hindered his overall score and with the last day of racing being cancelled due to lack of wind he wasn’t able to make up for it.

Liz Adams, MD at Allen commenting on the results said ‘congratulations go the race officer and team at Paignton Sailing Club for putting on an excellent event, to Hartley Boats for the Blaze and it’s success in attracting so many keen sailors to the class, and to Ben and Nic for their great results’.

Full results here. 


Through Deck Block Range Expands 

We are pleased to announce that our range of 20mm & 30mm through deck blocks is expanding to include stainless steel sheaves and recycled acetal sheaves. 

Our through deck blocks offer frictionless guidance for rope and wire control lines which are required to pass through a deck. Featuring a hard-wearing acetal body, shaped perfectly to house the sheave, which results in a performance that you can rely on for adjustable rigging and other highly loaded applications. Available with one or two sheaves and in plain and ball bearing systems to suit a wide variety of applications.

SKU Title breaking load kg maximum line diameter mm sheave size mm
A2121 Dynamic Through Deck Single 350 6 20
A2121HL Steel Sheave Through Deck Single 400 6 20
A2121P Acetal Through Deck Single 400 6 20
A2122 Dynamic Through Deck Double 350 6 20
A2122HL Steel Sheave Through Deck Double 350 6 20
A2122P Acetal Through Deck Double 350 6 20
A2131 Dynamic Through Deck Single 500 8 30
A2131HL Steel Sheave Through Deck Single 500 8 30
A2131P Acetal Through Deck Single 500 8 30
A2132 Dynamic Through Deck Double 500 8 30
A2132P Acetal Through Deck Double 500 8 30



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