How To Use Sailing Dog Bones

allen dog bones

We know what you’re thinking “how can a dog bone be used on a sailboat? We’re not playing fetch!”.

Well, the type of dog bone we’re talking about here is not something you would want to feed to your favourite four legged friend.

No, the type of dog bone we are talking about is a small, lightweight, ‘dog bone’ shaped piece of aluminium. And they are becoming increasingly more popular on modern sailboats.

So, in this article we will explain a few useful ways to use a dog bone that will soon have you fetching one from your tool bag! 


New Optimist Sprit System Pack

Over the last few years we have been supporting a different sailor every season with our Allen Academy Optimist. Throughout this time we have had the pleasure to support some very enthusiastic young sailors who have relayed their important feedback to us.

From this feedback we have developed a cutting edge Optimist sprit system, which is now available to purchase.

Our new pack is pre-spliced and race ready, so all you need to do is attach it to the boat for the smoothest and best looking setup available.


Ratchet Blocks – Switchable Vs AutoRatchet

Switchable Ratchet Vs AutoRatchet

The ratchet block is arguably one of the most important pieces of hardware used on a sailboat, so choosing the correct size and type can make a big difference to how you sail your boat and what feedback the sails give you. In this article you will find out all about how the ratchet block works, the difference between a switchable and AutoRatchet as well as the different sheave options.   

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What is a ratchet block?

How does a ratchet block work?

Why use a ratchet block?

Switchable vs AutoRatchet

Wave Sheave or Normal Sheave

Working Loads

Suggested Rope


High Load Thimbles – Why, When, Where?

High Load Thimbles Spliced.

Also known as low friction rings these handy bits of hardware are used across many different areas of a sailboat. But they’re nothing new. In fact the high load thimble has been around for some time, just in slightly different forms. Originally made from wood and used on old style tall ships for adjusting running rigging and then more recently moulded in plastic to create light-weight, cheap alternatives. And now, CNC machined from high grade aluminium. But why, when and where should you use a high load thimble?

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What is a high load thimble?

Why use a high load thimble?

When should a high load thimble be used?

Where can a high load thimble be used?

High load thimble sizing guide


RS200 Fitting Guide

Ben Saxton & Toby Lewis

The RS200 is a two person dinghy, designed in 1995 by Phil Morrison and built by RS Sailing. The boat has stood the test of time and proved it’s self year after year as one of the best two person sailing boats in the UK. The class regularly sells out its National Championships with 100 plus entry’s coming from a wide audience of young and old sailors.

The boat is now on its second version, with the hull remaining the same as it was in 1995 and the deck and cockpit now having a fresher more modern layout. 

Allen was the original hardware supplier of choice for the RS200 and is still available on new builds, although the fittings list’s do vary slightly between the two versions. 

This RS200 fittings list is based on the original deck layout, but is an up to date modern racing fitout which has been approved by our Team Allen sailors. 


Product Feature – Flanged Aluminium Deck Bush

Flanged Deck Bush Range Laid Out

A through deck bush, also known as a fairlead, is designed to protect a surface from a rubbing rope or wire, they can also be used to act as a deflecting point.

In most applications, a through deck bush is used to guide a rope through a surface, such as the thwart or strut of a boat. It also offers protection to the material the rope or wire is passing through. 

Through deck bushes are a suitable product for a wide range of applications, so due to the variety, we offer them in many different materials and shapes. (more…)

Pro-Sailing Glove

Allen Pro-sailing glove

Introducing our new Pro-Sailing Glove.

A professional half finger sailing glove with reinforced Amara on Palm and fingers to protect your hands when pulling rope.

Made from a high quality 4-way stretch breathable fabric.

Double stitched for longevity.

Neoprene cuffs give a super comfortable fit.

Velcro strap for a secure fit.

Tera Race Ready Packs

Tera Race Pack

Tired of scruffy looking knots and frayed rope ends? Well, we are pleased to announce our new race ready Tera packs. 

Utilising British made Marlow rope and our range of performance blocks to deliver an easy to install and use race kit. The race packs have been developed using our Team Allen sailors experience in the boat and finessed by our engineering know how. 

Vang Race Pack

Fully spliced to the perfect lengths to allow maximum travel for the blocks with a 6:1 purchase. Our race vang also includes a high load thimble set into the system to allow for a better lead for the outhaul control line. 

Pack includes

Primary Line – 3mm Marlow dyneema.

Secondary line – 4mm Marlow excel control. 

2 x A2020Ti3 – 20mm dynamic ti3-on blocks spliced into the system to allow for maximum travel. 

1 x A2044-677HK – 40mm dynamic block with becket, hook and adjustable cleat.  

1 x Soft shackle with dog bone and high load thimble. 

2 x Handles to make pulling the control line easier. 


Product Feature – V Cleats

plastic v cleats

Simple and cost effective. The V Cleat is one of the original methods for cleating rope and to this day is still the favoured option for many applications. 

Injection moulded from Nylon 6 to give a strong and UV stable product to ensure it can endure a long life outside in harsh weather. 

V Cleats are the perfect choice for low to medium loaded applications where a quick and easy adjustment or release of rope is required. V cleats are commonly used to cleat tensioning systems for awnings, flag poles and simple boat control systems. 

Available in 3 sizes and suitable for rope diameters from 2mm to 12mm.  




fixing hole centres mm

fixing hole diameter mm

height mm

length mm

max rope

diameter mm

weight g



Nylon V Cleat









Nylon V Cleat









Nylon V Cleat







3 sizes of v cleat

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