Allen Sponsored UK Cherub Nationals

Cherub start line

Between the 6th and 9th of July the UK Cherub class travelled to WPNSA for its 70th anniversary nationals supported by Rooster, suppliers of high performance technical clothing for sailing, and Allen, suppliers of performance sailing hardware.

12 boats made the trip ready for some close racing and find out which team would be fastest in 2021.

Day 1 – Tuesday 6th July

Blowing dogs off chains.

The scheduled first day was a bit of a blow out, the forecast was for a lot of wind and the reality was white horses within the marina and gusts of up to 35kts. Not many wanted to go out racing. After checking the boats were properly tied down in the dinghy park, the sailors left WPNSA for some sightseeing. (more…)

Product Feature – Backstay Blocks

back stay block on j70

30mm dynamic blocks are one of the most versatile products in our range and so they are great for use in many different systems. Most recently we have started manufacturing the single version onto a stainless-steel ring for sportsboat backstay systems. 

The configuration of two or three single blocks assembled around a ring gives a refined and streamlined product with maximum strength. The ring also allows the blocks to move freely and as such they can each align to the correct lead angle for the rope without any impediment. The breaking load for both the A2030R2 and A2030R3 is set by the single blocks, this is 750Kg, which is more than strong enough for most triangle backstay arrangements on sportsboats.30mm blocks on ring


Allen Contender Open at Hythe and Saltwood

Contender Sailing

Despite a dodgy forecast, including thunderstorms & not much breeze, 12 visitors joined the 4 local Contenders on the Kent coast, back at Hythe & Saltwood SC for the first time in a few years.

After a bit of conditions familiarisation time, the fun of judging start stuff v tide began (well was springs to be fair), and Rob Smith managed to nail the timing to allow early port tack along the shore, and then the best guess hitch out to sea. Lap1 good judgement, but even a bit of safety over standing thereafter allowed Stuart Jones to make some gains from port approach into the tide. In the end Rob held the lead throughout but little finishing margin from Stuart, with Ed Presley & Gary Langdown following up.

New 20mm Ti3 On Block

The range of soft attachment blocks is growing with the release of the new 20mm Ti3 block.

The A2020Ti3 has been developed by the Allen design team for the paragliding and kiting industries but the team believe it will also trickle down into the marine sector.

Graham Adams, Head of International Business Development, commented “The paragliding industry required a high performance, small and reliable soft attachment block. Unfortunately, our current 20mm Tii block didn’t cut it for them as they required something that was more suitable for attaching with webbing strap. So, we developed the A2020Ti3 to suit their needs. However, when testing the Ti3 we quickly realised the design was so much easier to splice and thread rope around.” (more…)

Dylan Fletcher & Stuart Bithell Win Big

Dylan Fletcher & Stuart Bithell equipped with allen

A huge congratulations to #equippedwithallen sailors Team Fletcher & Bithell for their huge win in Japan!

We have been supporting the lads for quite a few years now. Developing their ideas and feedback on our products to ensure they have the best possible hardware fitout, so they can spend 100% of their time and energy doing what matters – winning!

To have supported them through to the pinnacle of dinghy sailing is amazing and the team at Allen couldn’t be happier for Dyl & Stu today!

Congrats again lads, you deserve it!


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