420 Class Association Development Programme

We have been supporting the International 420 Class Association development programme by proving new hardware to the boats that need it most!

The aim of the clinics is to share knowledge and coaching techniques, to both coaches and sailors from all youth classes, to help grow a well-informed sailing progression.

Find out more about the project here – http://www.420sailing.org/…/2019-420-class-development-prog…






We are pleased to announce a new range of plain bearing blocks, using modern design, materials and state of the art manufacturing to ensure a more eco-friendly product, delivering enhanced performance.

The new range will be made using 100% recycled plastics as well as using 20% less material than the previous version. Using the outer cheek and strap from the 20 & 30mm dynamic range allows us to manufacture the new range of plain bearing blocks more efficiently. This will help to reduce the long-term impact of plastics and un-recyclable materials on the environment.

The new range of plain bearing blocks will also feature a grey sheave to differentiate them from the existing dynamic range, which has black sheaves.

Plain bearing blocks offer great static loading capabilities at a low weight and cost. This makes them perfect for take-up systems or applications that don’t require high dynamic performance.

More variations will become available in the coming months.

Click on the links below to see the complete specifications.

20mm Plain Bearing Single 

30mm Plain Bearing Single




Snatch Block With Additional Sheave

The A1375-S Snatch Block features the same dynamic bearing technology as our 40mm dynamic block range. With an easy to use mechanism for opening and closing the cheeks and the addition of the small sheave between the opening point. It makes for a perfect choice for spinnaker sheet tweakers that need an additional purchase.


Pivoting Mast Step

The pivoting mast step is designed for dinghies or small keelboats that have easily adjustable rigging whilst sailing. By allowing the mast heel to pivot it reduces loading points in the deck of the boat and spreads the forces more evenly. Having a pivoting mast step also allows for a consistent mast bend profile resulting in more accurate rig setup.




Ben Purrier finished 3rd at the Topper NS5 racing at Carsington.

Team Allen’s Ben Purrier finished 3rd at the Topper NS5 racing at Carsington.

Bens review;

“Very windy on the first day hitting 30 knots in the gusts, I was working really hard to fight my way to the front of the fleet, and was rewarded with 3 wins out of three.
Finishing day 1 leading the fleet was a brilliant feeling but I was too tired after working so hard in the heavy winds to really enjoy it! It was straight to bed ready for day 2.

Sunday was a completely different day, with light and shifty winds. The lulls we saw made it feel like snakes and ladders, and being on the right side of the course when the wind filled gave big gains. I maintained consistent top 10 results and finished the event 3rd overall (where just a few points separated the top 6). It was good to be on the podium at the end of this great event with the biggest range of conditions we could have raced in.”

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Allen continues Blaze Nationals sponsorship

For a second year running Allen will be supporting the Blaze Nationals which are taking place at Brixham Yacht Club on the 7th to 9th June.

The class, which regularly gets 40+ at its nationals looks like they are set for another bumper year with 42 competitors already entered. Some competitors will be coming from as far as Essex and the West Midlands for an exciting, long weekend of racing, in the well know sailing area of Torbay.

Ben Harden, marketing assistant at Allen and a keen Blaze sailor, commented “The Blaze is a great class to get involved in. The boat is relatively simple to set up and sail, but tricky to get the peak performance from. Ive got one of the older boats in the fleet, but with a few hardware upgrades from Allen and a new sail, the boat goes just as well as some of the newer ones!”

Allen has kindly provided plenty of vouchers and other goodies for overall winners of the event as well as prizes for the Fire and Halo Fleets. The Fire and Halo are additional sail choices giving lighter or heavier sailors a chance to get involved in racing if the conditions don’t suit their body weight.

Allen manufactures performance sailing equipment from its headquarters in Essex, UK which it exports around the world. The company has a 60 year heritage and has a reputation for innovation by incorporating feedback and development from its sponsored sailors into its products.

For more info on Allen visit www.allenbrothers.co.uk or https://www.facebook.com/AllenBrothersSailing/

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