Snatch Blocks – Product Feature

allen snatch block open

A snatch block is a variation of pulley that has been designed to allow quick attaching and releasing of lines.

They work by having an opening mechanism for the side cheek, there are several different styles available on the market, but our range comes with a simple hinge mechanism that allows the side cheek to open a bit like the famous gull-wing car door or an oyster shell.

Our snatch block range is available with either a 30 or 40mm sheave, both of which feature the Allen dynamic bearing technology. Two rows of stainless-steel ball bearings running on a stainless-steel axle.


Product Feature – Through Deck Bush

through deck bush with rope

A through deck bush, also known as a fairlead, is designed to protect a surface from a rubbing rope or wire, they can also be used to act as a deflecting point.

In most applications, a through deck bush is used to guide a rope through a surface, such as the thwart or strut of a boat. It also offers protection to the material the rope or wire is passing through. 

Through deck bushes are a suitable product for a wide range of applications, so due to the variety, we offer them in many different materials and shapes. 

Merlin Rocket Through Deck bush

Through deck bushes on a Merlin Rocket


Allen Endurance Series 2021

Allen Endurance Series - East Coast Piers Race Start

The Allen Endurance Series (AES) will be returning for its 4th season, this time with the inclusion of an additional event, bigger prize fund and new website.

Launched in 2018 the series combines the UK’s premier long-distance events to give high-performance Catamaran and Skiff sailors a season-long series to compete for. Currently included are the Whitstable Forts, Solent Forts, East Coast Piers and Round Sheppey races. And for 2021 Allen has announced the inclusion of the Anglesey Offshore Dinghy Race. The series will now include two discards.

This year competitors will be able to track their overall AES position on the new Allen Endurance Series website. The new website allows competitors to easily find information for each of the events all in one place, including event documentation and registration links. 

Allen will be providing an enticing £1000 worth of vouchers and merchandise throughout the five AES events, as well as, the overall series prizes of £500, £250 & £100 vouchers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Visit for more details.


Product Feature – Blue Carbon Tiller Extensions

Working alongside our Team Allen sailors we developed a range of carbon tiller extension. We wanted them stiff enough to give you the right amount of feedback, yet forgiving enough to take a good beating. Although performance was at the top of the checklist, style and looks weren’t too far behind. 

The Blue Carbon range has a dark blue wrap included in the carbon tube, it gives a really nice blue shine in the sun. It’s something that hasn’t been done before in tiller extensions and we feel it really makes the whole thing pop! It will give the end-user the best quality performance as well as making the boat look great.


YS Cast Aluminium Range Discontinued

We have taken the difficult decision to close our foundry, resulting in the discontinuation of our YS range of fittings.

Whilst the YS range has been tremendously successful for many decades, sales have fallen recently as boat builders switched to a more modern alternative. We have also recently received the disappointing news that the company that completed the polishing and anodising of the fittings has fallen victim to Covid-19 and despite an extensive search, we have been unable to source a new supplier who can meet our quality criteria. The investment required in the foundry, anodising and polishing could not be justified for a shrinking demand. Sadly, we have therefore had to make the decision to discontinue this range.

We still have some stock of the YS range; you can find out what we have by clicking here.

However, some of the YS items will now begin a new life with new manufacturing methods and modern looks. The new AY range will be manufactured using our state-of-the-art VMC machines which will produce more accurate and reliable products. We also have the in-house design and machining capability of producing bespoke designs to a customer’s specification.


About Allen Endurance Series

Allen Endurance Series - East Coast Piers Race Start

The Allen Endurance Series was launched in 2018. The series combines the UK’s premier long-distance events to give high-performance Catamaran and Skiff sailors a season-long series to compete for. Currently included are the Whitstable Forts, Solent Forts, East Coast Piers and Round Sheppey race, Anglesey Offshore Dinghy Race and Ullswater Catamaran Challenge.

2022 Dates

Whitstable Forts – 28th & 29th May

ECPR – 18th & 19th June

Solent Forts – 25th & 26th June

AODR – 30th & 31st July

Round The Island – TBC

Ullswater Catamaran Challenge – TBC

Previous Winners

2018 – Grant Piggot – F18

2019 – Simon Northrop – F18

2020 – NA

2021 – NA

Solent Forts Race

solent forts race

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solent forts race

Date: 25th – 26th June 2022

Location: Hayling Ferry Sailing Club – PO11 0DG

Details: The Solent Forts Race is a long-distance event for sports Catamarans and fast monohull dinghies and is set in the Eastern Solent, with Hayling Island and Portsmouth to the north and the Isle of Wight to the west. The race comprises several legs radiating out from a gate (like a star), allowing the course configuration and length to be adjusted according to the conditions prevailing on the day. The race gets its name from the Napoleonic Channel Forts that comprise two of the marks of the course. The race has a unique ‘time out’ feature that allows boats to take an optional 30-minute break during the race. This time may be used for a comfort break or for tactical purposes. Saturday also features a shakedown race.


Useful Links: Solent Forts Website2019 Solent Forts Write Up2019 Solent Forts – Endurance Results

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East Coast Piers Race

east coast peirs race

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east coast peirs race

Date: 17th – 18th of July 2021 ECPR 2021 CANCELLED

Location: Marconi Sailing Club – CM0 7NU

Details: Open to fast dinghies and Catamarans, the East Coast Piers Race is a major charity event raising funds to support “The Cirdan Trust” to further support their important work with socially or physically disadvantaged children. The race is based at Marconi Sailing Club on the River Blackwater in Essex and goes all the way up the East Coast to Walton and back again. There are three-course options available, the Bradwell Race – 13 miles long open to fast dinghies. The Colne Point Race – 27 miles long open to fast dinghies and Catamarans. And the Endurance Race, the full ECPR which is 48 miles long open to Catamarans only. Saturday Features a round the cans shakedown race with an excellent party in the evening.

2021 News: ECPR 2021 CANCELLED

After careful deliberation Marconi Sailing Club have made the unfortunate decision that the East Coast Piers Race event will not run in 2021. While we appreciate this will be disappointing for you as a competitor we must treat your safety across the 50 mile course as our ultimate priority. As you would expect the club has not yet opened this year and our members are still yet to visit the club site. We line the course with mother boats (club yachts) at each mile to provide essential safety and a watchful eye over competitors as they travel to Walton and back. With the current lock down no activity to put moorings in, or to get yachts ready has been possible so far this year. On any ‘normal’ (remember normal?) year we are always working against the clock with last minute yacht launches to support the event. With the added pressure of the club being closed for 3 months we don’t feel we will be able to provide the cover we need to run a safe event. We also have to consider the quality of the event, when you come to Marconi for an East Coast Piers Race you are guaranteed a fantastic weekend on and off the water with a bit of Neil Diamond thrown in for free. At this stage we have no firm guarantee that we will be back to business as usual by July and don’t feel we can provide the event you would hope for and expect. We hope you understand our decision (which was not an easy one) and we hope to see you back at Marconi Sailing Club for the 2022 ECPR weekend. Being an event run for charity we are sad that we cannot support our charities again this year, if you would like to do so you can donate directly to the

Cirdan Sailing Trust or Essex & Herts Air Ambulance. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, the members of Marconi SC and the competitors for their continued support.

Stay safe everyone! Andrew Dowley – ECPR Chairman

Useful Links: East Coast Piers Race Website – 2019 ECPR – Endurance Results – 2019 East Coast Piers Write Up

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Anglesey Offshore Dinghy Race

Anglesey offshroe dinghy race

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Anglesey offshroe dinghy race


Red Wharf Bay Sailing and Watersports Club announcement:

The 2021 Anglesey Offshore Dinghy Race has been cancelled.

Due to uncertainty over the lifting of Wales Government restrictions and the difficulty in implementing social distancing and group gathering rules ashore, we have regrettably had to take this decision.

We wish all our friends and competitors a safe and enjoyable summer.

Traeth Bychan  May 24th 2021


Location: Red Warf Bay Sailing Club – LL73 8PN

Details: The Anglesey Offshore Dinghy & Catamaran Race is The North West’s premier offshore dinghy race, covering over 15 nautical miles around the South East coast of Anglesey. Frequent visitors include Olympic sailors, and past and present National Champions. The race starts on the Royal Anglesey start line at Beaumaris in the picturesque Menai Straits. Then through Puffin Sound and passing the rugged cliffs of Anglesey. After crossing the glorious sandy beaches of Red Wharf Bay, the fleet head for the famous Lifeboat station at Moelfre. The finish is at Red Wharf Bay Sailing Club at Traeth Bychan. Rated by Yachts and Yachting as one of the top events to compete in. The event will also include a shakedown race from the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club on the Saturday night followed by a social evening before the Endurance Race on Sunday. Entries will be restricted to one and two-person dinghies and multihulls. Monohull dinghies with a Portsmouth Number not greater than 1200 and Multihulls with a Portsmouth Number not greater than 940 are eligible. 

Entry: Single Handers – £21.00 / double Handers £26.00 entry link below.

Entries will be restricted to one and two person dinghies and multihulls. Monohull dinghies with a Portsmouth Number not greater than 1200  and Multihulls with a Portsmouth Number not greater than 940 are eligible.

Useful Links: AODR WebsiteNOR 2021 AdvanceEntry Link

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IOS Round the Island Race

IOS round sheppy race

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IOS round sheppy race

Date: 4th – 5th September 

Location: Isle Of Sheppey Sailing Club – ME12 2BE

Details: IOS Round the Island Race is a long-established, long-distance event designed to test sailing skills and endurance over a 40-mile course. Sailed clockwise around the island of Sheppey, starting and finishing at IOS Sailing Club. The race includes tidal sea, river & estuary sailing. The event is the longest dinghy and board race in Europe —The race is open to all classes of dinghy, catamaran and sailboard and there is a shakedown race on Saturday. 

IOS Notice of Race 2021

IOS Sailing Instructions 2021

Click here for entry website. 


Useful Links: IOS Sailing Club Website2019 IOS Round Island Write Up2019 IOS Endurance Results

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